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Silver Wolf Projects Pty Ltd – Responsive, Innovative Engineering.

Civil Engineers, Building Consultants and Project Managers.

Silver Wolf Projects  is a dynamic, innovative engineering consultancy that provides fast, flexible, expert engineering and certification services to strata and property managers, specialised contractors, builders and architects.

Specialising in small, niche and complex projects, we prioritise speed, reliability and total flexibility. We use the latest technology and service delivery methods to provide faster response times, keeping your projects on time and on budget.

Silver Wolf Projects provides fast, precise estimates, inspections, reports, engineering and building consultancy services, and innovations such as our online, real-time Instant Engineering Service allow clients to access engineering and building design and consultancy online, in real time.

Silver Wolf Projects’ responsive, tech-savvy approach will get your projects moving in the right direction, faster and with less fuss.

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At Silver Wolf Projects we understand that some larger firms can make Building & Engineering inspection reports overly technical and just too complex. So we want to offer you an alternative kind of service – responsive, professional and friendly. One that leaves you with clear answers and recommendations to make sure you attain the right outcome.

Property & Strata Managers are increasingly required to engage engineering and building experts to provide advice on compliance, building works and any maintenance required to the building’s Owner Corporation. And new laws requiring sinking funds set up specifically for defects in new buildings over three storeys mean that reporting requirements are set to escalate over the coming months. So if you’re already having problems wading through the jargon and deciphering reports, things are about to get a whole lot worse.
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24/7 availability with guaranteed 3 days service and turnaround for engineering and building design + reporting services

Getting a second opinion with Silver Wolf could save $$ thousands

Don’t be afraid to seek a ‘second opinion’ as you might from a doctor. In many cases, the additional information proves vital in attaining the ‘right’ advice and outcome. In many cases, a second opinion may save the applied building and the Scheme hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential building costs.

Our list of services include:

• Provision of Residential/Commercial Civil & Structural Design and Certification.

• Forensic Engineering, Investigation and Reporting.

• Provision of Building Condition Reports Specifically for Strata and Property Managers Pertaining to General Construction and Building Defects, Waterproofing, Concrete Cancer and Cement Render Issues.

• Structural Safety Inspection and Certification of Shop Awnings for Council Requirements.

• Undertaking Dilapidation Survey Reports Including Building/Structural/Civil Assessment Inspections.

Contact us now for a 3 day turnaround

If you’ve received a report that you don’t understand or don’t agree with, talk to Silver Wolf Projects for a secondary opinion on servicing and reporting. So contact us now to discuss our guaranteed 3-day turnaround* or call 02 9358 2263. No obligation. You’ll be glad you did.


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